Sustainability means a lot of things to different people. What does sustainability look like at Enamelshades?

We look at sustainability as minimising the effect of our business activities on future generations, what can we do today to minimise or prevent problems in the future. We are fully aware that as a global business we need to think about things that might not be on our own doorstep.

Sustainability has many faces and can be an easy word to use without much to back it up, but we’re inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which have been designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’’.

We’ve taken the following steps towards these development goals:

Goals: 1) No Poverty 2) Zero Hunger

Actions: We are an accredited Living Wage Employer, paying both contractors and employees the Living Wage identified by the Living Wage Foundation, this is greater than the amount suggested by the government living wage. We pledge to never use zero hours contracts or require workers to work unpredictable shift patterns. We also ensure all staff have paid leave amounts more than statutory minimums. We will not use offshore suppliers who cannot guarantee minimum wage standards within their supply chains. We have zero tolerance for modern slavery in any aspect of our supply chain.

Goal 10) Reduced Inequalities

Actions: We recruit solely on ability and have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. Our wage structure is based on equality between roles regardless of who undertakes them. We do not tolerate prejudice or inequality within the workplace or from our suppliers. We have flexible working practices to meet the individual needs of our team.

Goal 12) Responsible Consumption & Production

Actions: Our aim is to use recyclable materials and packaging wherever possible and actively work towards eliminating non-recyclables from our supply chain. Most of our products are made from base metals that are 100% recyclable. We create less waste per week than an average household, usually half a standard wheely bin with zero waste going to landfill. All our paper, card, plastic and metal waste is locally recycled and the limited amount of non-recyclable waste is used for power generation. We use second use cardboard boxes and prioritise the re-use of incoming packaging materials over recycling. We use natural cleaning products where possible and where we do need to use detergents we have chosen the safest biodegradable options.

For us this is a start. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce the impact of our operations on the word around us, both human and physical.