We all know lighting at home is essential! The right light can create ambience, give a feeling of safety and comfort, and even give the illusion of space in a small home.

I’ve pulled together some of my favourite tips for home lighting tricks to help you make the most of every room.


The Hallway

Hallways can be especially dark, so the easiest way to add light is to enhance what you already have.

If you’re lucky enough to have a front door with a window, or a separate window in your hallway, add large mirrors to reflect as much light as possible. Light colours also help bounce the light back into the space.

When adding a pendant lamp into a hallway, I’ve found that something with a good reflective surface works wonders. Glass pendants are perfect for reflecting the light outwards, and illuminating those hard to reach corners.




The Kitchen

Halogens are absolutely brilliant in kitchens. They’re excellent for highlighting key areas, such as the sink, the hob, and main preparation areas. Prep areas can also be brilliantly illuminated with the use of under counter lighting, which also helps to avoid ending up with dingy corners.

Another fab way to add light to the kitchen is with a statement pendant. A pendant above an island is a perfect way to break up the space, and add a focal point, especially if it’s a large kitchen. If you have a kitchen/diner, a statement lamp above the dining table can work wonders, as well as tying the two areas together. Add a dimmer switch so the ambience can be ramped up for those romantic dinners!



The Lounge

A mix of table and floor lamps is a winning combination to ensure dark corners are illuminated in your lounge. This combination is also a perfect excuse to add extra statement pieces. Tall table lamps can add elegance, and curved floor lamps can add glamour, focusing the light on a certain spot. Those stunning curved lamps are also perfect for your favourite reading corner!

I love a mix of table, floor, and pendant lamps. Be careful when choosing a pendant however, anything too big can make a room feel small, on the other hand, anything too small can be dwarfed and look out of place. A shade with a lot of cut outs, or glass can be ideal, as it doesn’t break up the room as much as a solid pendant.

The lounge is another perfect place for a dimmer switch. These are ideal to create a cosy, safe feeling environment. I know I’ve been in brightly lit lounges before and they always make me feel really exposed!



The Bedroom

The bedroom is where lighting can make all the difference! I always think a bedroom needs 2 sources of light – a bedside table lamp, or wall mounted lamp on each side of the bed, and a pendant, above the bed. Lights on either side are perfect for those late night reading sessions, and eliminate the need to get up to turn the ceiling light off!

A combination of bedside lamps, and a pendant lamp can also create a feeling of symmetry, and create the illusion of a lower ceiling, which can be highly comforting in a bedroom. A chandelier style lamp can give an elegant and glamorous feel to a room, while a more solid shade can make a room feel cosier, perfect if you’ve got a very open bedroom. Darker shades can be very harsh in a bedroom so bear this in mind when choosing a light to compliment your colour scheme!

Again, you can really benefit from a dimmer switch in the bedroom. They’re perfect to adjust the light from bright enough to dress in, to ambient enough for some unwind time!



The Bathroom

The bathroom always looks best under crisp, white light. Could you imagine going into a dark, dingy bathroom where you can’t see what might be lurking in corners? The idea terrifies me!

A huge point on bathroom lighting is that it must be suitably IP rated!

I find that the bathroom is another room that really benefits from being lit from multiple outlets. A good ceiling light to provide blanket light is great!

Lights on either side of a mirror above a sink are absolutely ideal for tasks such as shaving, or applying makeup. Placing lights on either side avoids casting shadows on the face. A separate wall light above the bath is also a nice touch. A relaxed, calming bath can easily be achieved under a gentle glow!